The Ultimate Diwali Gifting Guide For Men

Love The Festive Season But Dread The Task Of Coming Up With Gifting Ideas? Well, You Have Come To The Right Place!Sunday 24th September 2017
By  I L L Y K

Selection of gifts for women is simpler than that for men. Well, don’t kill us for stating the fact! But the truth is women are spoilt for choices when it comes to gifting. Men, on the other side have limited options. And thanks to stereotypes, the ultimate selection boils down to either technology or cars/bikes.

We are here to add that dash of colour and class in your selection of Diwali gifts for men. (Yes, you can thank us later! We are accepting reviews and thank you notes on our social channels.) So, ladies, we sincerely hope that you are taking notes!

Firstly, let’s burst the stereotype bubble. Men and their likings are much above and beyond technology and bikes! We kid you not! Men are also about fine suits and classy boots! Even today, you can still tell a gentleman by his shoes. While a scratched shoe denotes a chap of chaotic habits, a well-worn and highly polished brogue, on the other hand, suggests that a man can take care of the things he loves. The eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes, well they are the window to just about everything else!

And this is precisely why shoes are the ultimate Diwali gifts for men!

Now that we have convinced you about shoes being the definite Diwali gift, let us quickly walk you through a checklist to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Get The Right Pair – The Diwali Gift Guide

Know his personality

– Gifting is about a conversation, one without words. It is the best way to express your feelings to the other person. A selection of gift speaks volumes about your understanding and repo with each other and it also reflects your thoughtfulness or the lack of it. Traditionalist, stylish, experimental or simply classy – know that each of these personality traits will point you to a different and unique pair.

Know his need

Formals, casual, wedding or party special, one shoe does not fit all! So, know the occasion and buy the shoes accordingly.

Know thy leather

You can’t gift your man cheap leather, period. Go for a product is that well-crafted. One that becomes an absolute love at first sight!

If you are scratching your head at this point, well, don’t worry, because we have your back! It just so happens that we are not just another men’s fashion brand, but we are a brand inspired by the ultimate sophistication of a royal lifestyle; a brand that exists to serve only the most refined, polished and well-bred gentlemen of our time! And guess what, we do shoes like it’s nobody else’s business!

Now, if picking the right shoe remains a work in progress for you, we have the perfect solution. All you need to do is visit https://www.escaro.in/ and pick the pair that appeals to you. We have divided the collection (so that you have a seamless shopping experience) as follows:

Exquisite Formals

Featured here is BR Tan Captoes These British Royal shoes are hand-finished and are couture-level creations. Hence, each shoe has a unique hue and polish. For those who like to keep it sharp and minimal, this is the way to go!

Elegant Corporate Casuals

Featured here is BR Black Croc-Embossed Tassel Loafers These black smooth loafers with genuine Italian leather make for an ultimate boardroom leader. For those with nothing but a winner’s attitude, this is the right choice!

Wedding Specials

Featured here is ER Wine Medallion Oxfords This Argentinian genuine leather upper with designer toe punch will make for the perfect happily after stories. If your upcoming festive season calendar is succeeded by a series of wedding, then our wedding specials collection will not disappoint you!

Flamboyant Party Pops

Featured here is ER Blue Medallion Wholecut Oxfords This genuine leather lining with brass-tipped cotton waxed laces is for the flamboyant party freaks! Look good, feel good and party all night without a worry in the world!

The average man owns a dozen pair of shoes. These are the essentials. Our products are specially crafted for the uncommon, for those born sharp and for those who like to wear success like a medal.

Ladies, we hope this Diwali gift guide blog post has eased out your Diwali shopping to-dos. And men if you are done dropping hints to your other-half, well, all you must do is share the link of this blog post and your Diwali gift shall be taken care of royally!

As they say, life is short, buy that damn shoe!

Happy Shopping!

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