The Modern Boardroom Style: Brogue

It’s Time That You Flex Your Sartorial Muscles As You’ll Need To Come Packing. It’s Not Your Pocket Square Game That We Are Talking About, But It Is Something Suave That Warrants Your Attention.


Saturday 28th October 2017
By I L L Y K


What we are talking about are the ultimate-occasion shoes that are made up of leather and placed well along with decorative perforations and visible edges. When brogues started, they weren’t meant for the boardroom. They were designed for the bog, worn by Irish and Entry countrymen who had to toil their soggy forms all day. With the broguing detail visible then, only being full perforations that allowed the wearer to simply pick up the shoes and flipping them over along with shaking them dry, Brogues have come a long way. With the shoemaking industry transitioning from a craft-based industry to a more refined business, Brogues have become a timeless necessity for modern day men.

Adding on to the heritage style and without veering towards what is usually touted as dangerously gaudy, Brogues add on to character to any look or situation. One can’t go wrong with a brogue. With there being proper reasons why it should be a wardrobe stapler, its versatility and chic reflectance adds on to your character. They come in four toe cap styles – full or wingtip, semi, quarter and longwing. With four closure styles namely – Oxford, Derby, ghillie, and monk, its slick and dapper city-style associations gives your attire, an arresting and dynamic look. If the hard-androgynous shoe style isn’t you, brogues combine the masculine perforated detailing of the brogue along with delivering a strong product, customer experience and redefining luxury. With Escaro Royale Luxury providing a one-stop destination for premium and handcrafted fashion accessories, the brand symbolizes the ultimate sophistication and craftsmanship.

Epitomizing luxury, and the end product designed with finesse, we pride ourselves on designing the best footwear for men, and their range of brogues is par excellence. Brogues being couture-level creations, each shoe that we provide has a unique hue and polish and exclusivity to it. Luxury is not just about high-end pricing and sheer opulence, but about providing the best service to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. We believe in this philosophy for all our products and aim to bring fashion and style to people’s lives with our exclusive products. Men’s Fashion and men’s shoes are considered to be a boring industry as there is not much glamour attached to it.

It’s the subtle details that make everything we create so uniquely ours. Every shoe is finished by hand, with layers of polish that is applied by our very skilled craftsman. Each shoe begins its journey as a piece of leather and a pattern. Our brogues are skillfully cut by hand and designed to take its form. All our shoes are timeless creations that are built to last so in case of some wear and tear, and we provide impeccable repair services that will make the shoe as good as new. We follow the innovation in design and customer-first approach, so our focus never deters from providing A-grade services. Brogues are timeless and so are our bonds with our customers.

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