The Beauty Of Full Grain Leather – The Foundation Of Good Long-lasting Leather Shoes

From Rich Natural Texture To Battle-ready Sturdiness, The Premium Elegance Of Full Grain Leather Shoes Makes Them The Final Word In Footwear


Wednesday 25th November 2020
By I L L Y K


What Is Full Grain Leather, And Why Is It Called So?

When it comes to leather, you don’t have to dig deep for better quality. The best quality of the leather is right at the top of the hide. And as you go inside the cross-section of the hide, the quality becomes less and less premium. Full grain leather keeps the dense grain pattern of the outer surface of leather. There is no trimming of leather involved. Therefore, it is the most natural form of leather you will get. The reason full-grain leather is the best is that it doesn’t lose its original characteristics. From the comfort of the leather to its durability, and from its water resistance to its texture, full-grain leather scores above all the other leather types.

Full Grain Leather Is The Beauty And The Beast

Sanding or buffing is done on leather to remove imperfections and give the leather a more uniform look. However, people value the marks on unsanded leather as it gives a character to the piece of leather. Only full grain leather retains this natural look.

On a close look, you notice that full grain leather has the pores intact. This makes a full grain leather shoe the most authentic-looking leather shoe around. The finest leather often gets the finest stitching, which creates the most premium quality shoes.

So when you buy a pair of Hudson Designer Chukka boots made by Escaro Royale, you get the elegance of a high stance Chukka with laces up. It is an authentic Italian design where the upmarket style is complemented with gloss burnished full-grain leather.

Full grain leather has a thickness because of the presence of natural grains. They have the strongest fibre, making the leather very sturdy. Thus, full grain leather combines the best of looks with the best of strength and endurance.

What Makes Full-Grain Leather Special?

Given their tough built, full grain leather is more complex for the shoemaker to work on. It requires more craft and expertise to make a full grain leather shoe. Besides, it is the most expensive leather available. For these two reasons alone, full grain leather is the most elite type of leather available.

With the fine art of artisanal shoemaking, shoemakers use the best quality materials and methods. A premium leather shoe will be made of full grain leather, using premium stitching methods like Goodyear welt or Blake stitch. This, when made using exquisite designs, brings out some of the best shoe money can buy.

To add to the natural look and premium quality, full grain leather develops a look that is unmatched in the leather world. The more you use it, the more burnished it looks, developing the natural patina that is a hit among leather fans. Shoes like Escaro Royale’s Baron Patina Dress shoe are made with this layered tan finish.

Sanding process takes away most of the tough natural grains, along with marks and blemishes. You get a uniform looking leather, but it is thinner than full grain. Full grain is thicker and keeps all the natural grains. As a result, it lasts longer, even when exposed to difficult terrain and rough weather.

Although full grain leather is thick and tough, it grows more and more comfortable with use. Being a natural leather, full-grain leather shoe moulds into the shape of the feet with use. Regular buyers of full-grain leather shoes swear by the durability, comfort and vintage look of these shoes.

Full Grain Leather Outscores All The Others

Being the most natural form of leather that is hardly processed, only the best part of the hide is used to make full grain leather. Top grain leather, the next best variety, is made by shaving off a few millimetres of the top of the leather. Therefore, parts of the leather that have more marks and blemishes are often used to make top grain leather.

Split leather, the layer below top grain is made by horizontally splitting the hide. It is comparatively thinner and doesn’t have the same natural finish as full grain. It carries artificial graining and embossing to give it a more natural look. Here, the processing compromises on the authentic look and durability of leather.

Expensive and high-quality shoes are often resolable, so it is the upper of the shoe that decides its durability. It is the part that remains throughout the lifetime of the shoe. Buying a full grain shoe gives your shoes a tight fibre structure. Its strong and natural fibre layer adds to the shoe’s lifespan.

At a price higher than the other natural leather types, full grain delivers the value in terms of strength, style and endurance.

Why The Fullness Of Grains Make A Difference?

Leather makers don’t fiddle around with full-grain leathers too much. Various leather making activities like sanding, stamping and embossing are not as much applied in full grain. And it is this natural finish that makes it special.

The full grain with their natural pores is more breathable. Even when exposed to moisture, a full grain shoe can feel dry because of its breathability. This makes for insulated and very comfortable wearing.

Let’s take the full grain vs top grain leather comparison, for instance. Top-grain leather, without the fullness of grains, is good quality natural leather. Top grain is preferred in various products because it is affordable, flexible, and has a smoother look. However, being a little thinner, it cannot guarantee the same toughness and durability as a piece of full grain leather.

About Your New Full-Grain Leather Shoe

One of the first things that you will notice after starting to use a full grain leather shoe is its physical properties. It will remain warm in winter and cool in hot weather. With its natural pores intact and dense fibre structure,full grain leather shoes don’t let outside weather condition pass in quickly. Therefore, it provides excellent temperature insulation, making it very comfortable for human skin.

Many people wonder – Is full grain leather waterproof? Although not 100%, leather is naturally water-resistant and full grain is best equipped to handle watery conditions. Being a highly breathable material, full grain leather can absorb water vapour and moisture to a great extent.

Its natural fibres can hold these vapours to dissipate them later. You notice that you don’t get the soggy and mouldy feeling while wearing a full-grain shoe in harsh conditions.

The tough persona of full grain leather shoes makes sure that it is much more resistant to tear. A scratch against a barbed wire can rip a sneaker or a suede badly, but a full-grain remains much more stable against scratches and tears.

As you regularly use your full grain shoes for some time, you notice that the shoe adjusts to the shape of your feet. The shoe moulds with the pressure that your feet create regularly and retain the shape.

Appreciate the Beauty of Full Grain Leather

After you have enjoyed the convincing performance of your full grain shoe and watch it cushion around your feet, you will also notice the patina formation. Over the years, pure natural leathers, like full-grain, develop an interesting gradient texture. It is the patina in these premium quality shoes that make them stand in the crowd years after they were purchased.

To sum up, the full-grain leather shoe is an excellent choice for everyday office use, casual wear and outdoor occasions. It matches all these diverse occasions as it combines style, longevity and sturdiness among its features. Buy a full-grain leather shoe if you prize the vintage value of full grain leather products and appreciate the uniqueness that a piece of natural leather brings in.

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