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Choosing A Perfect Pair Of Shoe According To Your Outfit Can Be Quite A Task. A Shoe Is What Makes Or Breaks Your Outfit.Saturday 28th October 2017
By I L L Y K

It is one of those elements of your overall personality that completes the whole outfit and your overall look. What colour to go for what style to sport? Generally these are the questions that haunts our mind.

Put your worries aside, yours truly, Basically Menz has collaborated with Escaro Royale to answer all your questions along with the ultimate guide to choose the perfect pair. This article will mainly concentrate on the Formal Shoes.

Know Your Outfit:

The first step is to know the theme of the outfit, if you figure that out your mind is already working in the right direction and you are likely to do well. We have outfits for every occasion but do we have the perfect pair of shoes to go with it? That’s not possible for people who likes to keep only a few options in their wardrobe and if you are one of those guys who own a big collection then the confusion of choosing the right ones seems mind boggling. A good way to figure out the outfit theme is to think of the occasion you are going to wear this outfit and then picture how you want to look.

Know Your Shoes:

There are probably millions of designs and colour combination that exists but if you know the colour scheme you have already won yourself a safe pass. Imagine you are wearing a Sharp Navy Blue suit and you decide to pair it with those Fiery Red Oxford shoes you have, there are chances you will look like a complete clown. So, know the colour combinations for e.g.: Navy and Black Suits are the most versatile suits, you can wear Black, Brown, Burgundy with them. The reason is very simple these colours blends nicely with the outfit colour scheme and won’t unnecessarily pop out. For me personally on formal occasions a shoe should only add to the beauty of the outfit rather than taking away the limelight, for casual settings we can surely experiment.

How to choose :

Now there are so many styles to choose from Loafers, Oxfords, Derby, Chelsea, Monks etc. they are certainly enough to keep you puzzled. If you go over to Escaro Royals website they have created categories that can help you choose the right shoe for each occasion. From your formal board meetings to your Shiny parties this company has taken good care of all your needs. It makes the job so much easier for customers like us.

I am personally wearing “Tan Medallion Wholecut Oxfords” you can take some tips from how I have created my colour scheme. The sleek design of this shoe goes perfect with the cut of my suit. The company is manufacturing premium luxury handmade shoes and they are priced perfectly according to me. I can personally vouch for the quality and I am totally in love with the designs. Good to see a new company bringing so much to the table with their quality and attention to detail. Right from the packaging to the feel and comfort it reeks luxury and craftsmanship.

Shoe Game in India is heading towards a revolution and new companies which are coming up, such as Escaro Royal is a testament to that. Soon they will be launching a “super luxury” range and we at Basically Menz are excited for this. I hope this posts helps you out in choosing your next shoe stay tuned.

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