Rediscovering The Croco Leather

With Exquisite Design, Supreme Quality And Enticing Finish, Croc Leather Is One Of The Most Exotic Leathers In The Fashion World Today.


Wednesday 1st November 2017
By I L L Y K


Products made with croc pattern are probably one of the most coveted acquired tastes in fashion. The trend of using croc skin leather started in early 1900s in America and Europe. Crocodile leather, because of its rarity, has become the symbol of royalty and exclusivity since then.

The manufacturing of the exotic croc leather is still stuck in medieval times. It involves hunting an endangered lifeform and sewing it together in the name of fashion & luxury. Shouldn’t we rather define this flavor of luxury as an ultimate cruelty? The real question is: Is it the pattern, processing & designing that makes croc pattern exotic or is it really the genuineness of skin of an endangered species? We, at Escaro Royalé Luxury, believe it’s the former.

With the enhancement in leather embossing and texturing technologies, it is now possible to create croc embossed pattern & colors on any leather – without the need of hunting crocodiles. These processed leathers easier to maintain and longer lasting that even the genuine croc leathers. Interestingly, most high-end luxury brands like Michael Kors have gradually started moving away from exotic leathers and furs.

Escaro Royalé uses Grade A leather to make Croc embossed leather handcrafted shoes, bags, belts & wallets. These products are handcrafted by embossing croc texture on Grade-A leathers. The superimposing involves extremely high pressure and processing chemicals that can dampen the edges of the embossed leather product miserably. Thus, a special care is needed during manufacturing and processing of these leathers and products.



These croc embossed leather products are then hand-painted with natural colors in Escaro Royalé’s manufacturing units to give these Croc embossed handcrafted shoes more variations and depth.



With the textured products and exotic prints gaining traction in Indian markets, both in natural leather and manmade materials space, Escaro Royalé believes that 2018 will be the year of the prints & textures. A lot more innovation can happen in this space and we are here to do the most of it and make the most of these exotic trends!

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