5 Gestures To Make Your Man Feel Special This Diwali!

The Countdown Begins! It Is Only A Matter Of Weeks Before All Of Us And Everything Around Us Gets Drenched In The Spirit Of Goodness.Saturday 7th October 2017
By I L L Y K

The lights, the sweets, the social gatherings and ofcourse the mandatory exchange of gifts, all this and much more is what makes Diwali the happiest and the most cheerful festival!

Just in case your heart raced a bit after having read the word ‘Diwali gifts’, don’t worry we have got your back! Firstly, there is still time, so breathe! And secondly, read on!

Shopping Diwali gifts for your boyfriends can be tricky. But we recommend that you chuck the usual safe list and go for these 5 uber-cool choices.

Organize A Surprise Get-To-Together

Okay, so we do agree that this one is border line ‘usual safe list’ but the high emotional quotient attached with this makes it in our list of 5 Gifts for your boyfriend you can try this Diwali.

“Surprises” generally make the occasion thrilling and exciting. It also shows how much you care about the person and his folks. And that ladies, is the simplest and the most effective way to let your man know that you love him! Makes us want to grab that box of tissues already! Tch. Tch. You can add personalized notes, handmade gifts and videos to make the event extra special.

Buy That Spa Voucher

Nothing speaks ‘I love you’ more than a beautifully wrapped spa voucher. After all, your boyfriend deserves some stress-free and pampering session. The shopping series, social gatherings and all other jingbang around Diwali can be stressful and this one spa voucher can help relax and unwind. The men work hard and they deserve to be able to kick their shoes off and have someone spoil and relax their mind, bodies, and souls. This is indeed an experiential gift and would be loved by your other half. ‘A day at the spa’ – nothing spells romantic more than these 5 words!

Fine Wine

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.”

And we dare not disagree with these words of Ernest Hemingway! A fine Wine is indeed the most festive gift and it is damn classy!

The Perfect Sole For His Soul


Did you know an average man owns a dozen pair of shoes? Yes, you read it right! Even your man has a fetish for shoes!

The eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes, well they are the window to just about everything else! And this is precisely why shoes are the ultimate Diwali gifts for your boyfriend.

All you need to do is visit escaro.inand pick the pair that suits your guy’s personality.

He could be a traditionalist, a stylish or simply classy, our collections will not disappoint you or him!

We do shoes like it is nobody else’s business, so you are in good hands and your guy is definitely going to be in fabulous soles!

Bring In A Little Of Vegas

Now, put those naughty thoughts aside! What we mean by bringing a little of Vegas is, gift him that poker set! The social gatherings in and around Diwali season involves a lot of card games, so, raise the ante with a professional Vegas-style poker kit.

We hope that our Diwali gifts guide blog post has eased out your Diwali shopping woes. If you have other uber-cool gifts in mind, please do share in the comment box.

Happy Shopping!

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